European U19 junior championships

European U19 junior championships

About the tournament

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England defended team title

No. 1 seeded England team succesfully defended their team title when they beat Switzerland 2/0 in the final. Ben Smith won the first point when he beat Campbell Wells 3/1. Second and winning point was won by Sam Todd who beat individual finalist Yannick Wilhelmi 3/2 when he came back from 1/2 down. Home team of Czech republic won bronze medals after they beat Ireland 2/0 in the third place match.

Viktor Byrtus and Karina Tyma are new European champions

Viktor Byrtus and Karina Tyma were crowned as new European champions. Congratulations!!!


Championship Dinner

Championship Dinner with the prize giving ceremony for individual event will take place on Tuesday April 16 at Don Giovanni hotel. It will be in Don Giovanni room on the 2nd floor. All participants of the tournament are welcomed (including those without hotel/food packages).

Play on glass court - Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14

It was decided that there will be no matches on the glass court on Saturday and also Sunday. Most of Sunday matches were moved to Hector and some matches will be played in another venue - Hotel STEP. 

Please check the online schedule. 

Welcome to official website of European U19 Junior Championships 2019

We would like to welcome everybody in Prague. We wish you all an enjoyable stay in our city and good luck in the tournament.

Whatsapp group for coaches

We set up a whatsapp group for coaches at the managers´ meeting today. If there are coaches who were not at the meeting and who are not part of that group and want to join it please send your mobile phone number to 

Changes in the seedingsand draw of girls category

We had to make changes in the seedings and draw of girls category because no. 2 seeded Georgia Adderley from Scotland withdrew today because of injury. Please be aware of these changes and check the current draw. 

Tournament manual

Tournament manual with all the information about the tournament can be found here.


Draws can be found here - boys, girls. There could be changes in case of late withdrawals.


According to ESF Championships rules the seedings of top 16 players were done by ESF Junior Committee Seeding Panel which consisted of 6 national coaches of some of the top countries. Seedings from 17 down are based on current ESF Junior rankings. Seedings can be found here. There could be changes in case of late withdrawals.

Airport pickups

Those with hotel/food packages will be picked up at the airport. There will be a person at the airport who will wait for you and guide you to your car or bus. In case you can not find him please give him a call. He will be somewhere around. His name is Jakub Kočárek and his phone number is +420 606 186 289.

Closing date for entries

Entries have to be made online through here. Closing dates for entries for team event are 31st January 2019 (team event) and 28th February 2019 (individual event).


We are using 2 venues - Hector sport centre which you might know from some previous edidions of European championships in different categories or from Czech junior or masters open. Second venue - Park Gutovka is an area dedicated to sport. We will build a glass court there. 

Seedings and draws

Seedings and draws will be published on 


Food for all the participants will be served in Hector sport centre. 


Everyone needs to register at the main tournament office. It will be in the tournament hotel during the day of arrival and it will move to Hector sport centre from the beginning of the tournament.


There will be a regular transport between both venues and tournament hotel.

Airport transport

Those with hotel packages which inlclude airport transport will be picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel. There will be a person at the airport who will organize the transport at the airport. He will have SQUASH sign with him so you can easily recognize him. His mobile number will be published here before the tournament. If you don´t see him just wait for him or give him a call or text. He will come soon. If you know your flight is delayed before your departure from home, please let him know about this. If you are delayed for example because of your luggage, please let him know as well.


There will be live streaming from the glass court in Park Gutovka during the whole tournament. will provide the service. There is a link to their website where you can watch the matches on the tournament website.


There are going to be qualified referees who will referee all the matches of the tournament.

Tournament partners

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