Czech Junior Open 2024

Czech Junior Open 2024

Stručně o turnaji

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Czech junior open 2024 is over and we would like to thank all the players, coaches and parents and supporters who came to our tournament. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Prague and we are looking forward to see you all next year again. 

Here are the winners:

GU11: 2. Zara Yotova (BUL), 1. Saoirse Boulanger (FRA). 3. Aurora Mcdonnell (IRL)

BU11: 2: Alex Kosztyu (HUN), 1. Andrey Hutsailiuk (UKR), 3. Aleksandar Petrov (BUL)

GU13: 2. Naomi Wiegenfeld (ISR), 1. Anna Jakubiec (POL), 3. Nadia Budzik (POL)

BU13: 2. Kacper Stachowiak (POL), 1. Max Pelikán (CZE), 3. Szymon Cienciala (POL)

GU15: 2. Anna Zelenková (CZE), 1. Ameerah Ismail (ENG), 3. Denisa Otáhalová (CZE)

BU15: 2. Lucas Castillo (ESP), 1. Ethan Lecordier (FRA), 3. Christian Dromgoole (IRL)

GU17: 2. Reka Kemecsei (ENG), 1. Maja Maziuk (SUI), 3. Aneta Sezemská (CZE)

BU17: 2. Szymon Lohmann (POL), 1. Elad Robenshtok (ISR), 3. Franciszek Michniewicz (POL)

GU19: 2. Chloé Crabbé (BEL), 1. Karolína Šrámková (CZE), 3. Milena Velychko (UKR)

BU19: 2. Martin Štěpán (CZE), 1. Leon Krysiak (POL), 3. Vojtěch Martinovský (CZE)

Airport transport  

We are arranging the airport transport for those with tournament hotel package. Here is a departures schedule for Sunday and Monday. 

Welcome to Czech junior open 2024 website   

All the important information regarding the tournament will be published here. As the tournament is getting closer there might be some updates to previously published information. Please watch this space for any news and updates. 


We are using 3 venues - Hector, Squash Bowling Centrum (SBC) and Squashpoint.

The categories will be divided in between the venues (Hector - BU17, GU19, BU19, SBC - GU13, GU15, BU15, GU17, Squashpoint - GU11, BU11, BU13). We will try to play the same category in the same venue during the whole tournament with some exceptions. On Sunday all the finals and 3rd place matches will be played in Hector. Some quarterfinals and semifinals on Saturday might be moved to Hector as well. Some plate rounds for lower positions might be moved from the venue where the rest of the category is played as well. 


We are using the same hotel as in previous years. It is hotel Don Giovanni which is conveniently placed between the venues. Metro station Želivská is right next to the hotel so the connection into the city center is also very easy.    


The tournament will start on Thursday at 15:00. We will use two venues on Thursday - Hector and SBC. Boys U15 (SBC) and Boys U17, Boys U19 (Hector) will play first and second rounds on Thursday.

All the other age groups will start on Friday.

Seedings and draws

Seedings are published on

Times of first matches for all participants are here. The times of first matches were first published on Friday January 12. They were updated on Tuesday January 16. All the changes were highlighted in yellow. Please check this link again before the start of the tournament as there could be another changes due to withdrawals. 

According to ESF rules we can only publish the draws at 17:00 on the day before the tournament start. So we will publish the draws on Wednesday, January 17 after 17:00 on    


You can eat in all three venues. To enable you this we had to plan the amount of food for each of the venues which is always a bit of a challenge and we would therefore like to ask you to eat your food in the venue where you play (if possible). The lunch will be served from 12:00 to 15:00 and dinner will be served from 18:00 to 21:00. Thursday´s dinner will be served in Hector and SBC. It will be between 18:30 and 21:00 at both venues.


Everyone needs to register at the main tournament office. It will be in Hector centre. It means everyone needs to come to Hector once to register and get a t-shirt and meal vouchers. You can play your first match in other venue and come to Hector to register later if you wish. Or coaches can come to Hector to register their whole groups as well. The office will be open from Thursday 12:00.

Some basic information about the tournament will be displayed in Hotel Don Giovanni lobby before the start of the tournament and also during the tournament.   


There will be buses going regularly between hotel and all venues. The transport will start at 13:15 on Thursday. The schedule is here and will be displayed in all venues and in the hotel lobby as well. 

Airport transport

Those with tournament packages which inlclude airport transport will be picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel. Those coming on Wednesday and on Thursday morning will be sent instructions how to get to their transport at the airport. On Thursday afternoon there will be Anna Králová waiting for people at the airport with Czech junior open sign. Her phone number is +420731142793. She will meet everybody and help them to their cars or buses. If you can´t see her when you walk out of the airport, please just wait there or text her. She will be around and will show up quickly. If you know your flight is delayed before your departure from home, please let us know about this. If you are delayed at the airport in Prague for example because of your luggage, please let us know as well. 


There will be live streaming from the main court in Hector centre (court no. 2) during the whole tournament. Here you can find the link to Czech squash YouTube channel.


There are going to be qualified referees on the court no. 2 in Hector (streaming) for the whole tournament. Some of other quarterfinal/semifinal matches will be refereed by them as well. All the other matches will be refereed by both players who played the previous match on the court. 

Number of entries:

GU11 - 7, GU13 - 16, GU15 - 20, GU17 - 33, GU19 - 15  
BU11 - 18, BU13 - 30, BU15 - 54, BU17 - 44, BU19 - 44 

Tournament partners  

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